Carlo Sampietro


1975 b. Como, Italy

1994 – 1996 Istituto Europeo di Design Milan Lives and works in NY



2016  –  Carlo Sampietro Retrospective, Galleria Cá D’Oro NY

2014    Cloche Sofa & The Street Is in the House Masterpiece collection –Dumbo Art Festival, NY

           –  “A sustainable present for the future,” – Villa Vigoni German-Italian Centre for European Excellence, Lake  Como, Italy

2011     The Street Is In The House –  at Straf Hotel Milan

            –  PopDogs – Solo Project at Red Dot Art Fair Miami

             The Street Is In The House –  at Circolo Hidden Milan

              The Street Is In The House –  at Galleria Rossana Orlandi Milan

            – The Street Is In The House –  at Salone Del Mobile Milan

2010    The Street Is In The House – Bryant Park NYC

            –  The Street Is In The House – RAW NYC Pop Up Gallery

            –  The Street Is In The House – International Contemporary Furniture Fair NYC



2017  – Cloche Sofa, Recycle – Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition

2015  – Scope Miami Beach, Galleria Alessandro Berni

            – PopDogs Public art installation and conference – An Inclusive World – Queens Museum of Art, New York

           – Street Scraper – Figment NYC

            The Street Is In The House – Select Art Fair New York – Galleria Alessandro Berni

           – Bunda Pandeiro – PopPorn Reloaded – Vienna International Short Film Festival, Austria

            Bunda Pandeiro – New York International Film Festival Benefit + Auction, Tribeca Cinema

2014  Bunda Pandeiro – MIVA  International Videoart Festival Quito, Peru

           – The Street Is in the House, Concrete Muse – Dumbo Art Festival, NY

            Bunda Pandeiro – Everybody’s Perfect LGBTIQ & A Festival, Genève

            Bunda PandeiroToronto Urban Film Festival, Canada

            Bunda Pandeiro – 10th Lucca Film Festival, Italy

             Bunda Pandeiro – 9th Cyprus International Film Festival

           – Bunda Pandeiro – 7th Sydney Underground Film Festival, Australia

           – Bunda Pandeiro – 10th open air film festival Pluk de Nacht, Amsterdam

           – Bunda Pandeiro – 6th Cortos Rodinia, Valladolid, Spain

           – PopDogsWaterfall Mansion Gallery, New York

           – Bunda PandeiroCinemaCity Novi Sad, Sebia

            Bunda PandeiroThe minute festival Best video 2013, Brazil

           – Bunda Pandeiro – 22nd Croatia One Minute Festival, Croatia

            Bunda Pandeiro – 18th Rooftop International Film Festival, New York

           – Bunda Pandeiro – 5th Skepto International Film Festival, Cagliari, Italy

            – Bunda Pandeiro – 11th Vienna International Short Film Festival, Austria

            –  Bunda Pandeiro – 61st Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, Serbia

            – Bunda Pandeiro – Macrofest, el  festival artistico y cultural de Panama

            – Bunda PandeiroVideoformes International Festival, Clermont-Ferrand

             Bunda Pandeiro – 16th Mecal International Short Film Festival, Barcelona

            – PopDogs – Bunda Pandeiro, Clio Art Fair, New York

             – Bunda Pandeiro – 23th Muestra del cine international, Palencia, Spain

             – Bunda Pandeiro – 11th International Short Film Festival Bogotá, Colombia

2013   – Bunda PandeiroFestival de Cine Alcine43 edition Madrid, Spain

             – Bunda Pandeiro – City of Soria 15th International Short-Film Festival, Spain

             – Bunda PandeiroTirana International Short Film Festival, Albania

             – Cloche ChairBrooklyn Utopias: In TRANSITion, New York

             – Bunda PandeiroShnit International Short Film Festival, Cape Town

             – Bunda PandeiroDanube Videoart Festival, Austria

            – Bunda PandeiroShnit International Short Film Festival, Bern

            – Bunda Pandeiro – 2nd One minute Film Festival, Norway

            – Bunda Pandeiro – 10th Reykjavík International Film Festival, Iceland

            – Bunda Pandeiro – 8th Sapporo International Short Film Festival, Japan

            – Bunda PandeiroLowlands Art Festival, Nederland

            – Bunda Pandeiro – 10th One Minute Film & Video Festival Aarau, Swizerland

            – Bunda Pandeiro1-Minute Missoula, Montana USA

            – Bunda PandeiroPirate Cinema, Amsterdam

            – “Gate to Heaven”EXPOSURE Photography exhibition, NYC

             PopDogsFigment NYC, New york

             Bunda Pandeiro – Under The Subway Video Art Night – Local Project Art Space, New York

             Bunda Pandeiro – 2th New York International Short Film Festival

             Bunda Pandeiro – 16th Brooklyn Film festival

             Bunda Pandeiro – New York City Art World:  a group exhibition Curated by Krista  Sunders, 3rdWard NYC

              Bunda PandeiroMadrid Video-art Festival

            – Bunda Pandeiro International Art Fair Jaén, Spain

             Bunda PandeiroFestival do Minuto Sao Paulo, Brazil

             Bunda Pandeiro – 6th International Videoart Festival Milan – Visualcontainer , Curated by Alessandra Arnò

             Bunda Pandeiro – Shorts Attack im Januar. Interfilm, Berlin, Germany

2012   Bunda Pandeiro – “eject XV – The Long Night of Odd Films”. 28th International Short Film Festival Berlin

             Bunda Pandeiro  – Video art – Curated by Macu Morán We Art Festival Barcelona

             Acueduct- In the Future the Artist Will Say: That Object is a Work of Art – Curated by Raul Zamudio – 3rdWard NYC

             Cloche Chair – Broadway – In conjunction with Peter Stanick, One Art Space NYC

             Cloche Chair – A’ Design Awards ExhibitionMuseo del design Como, Italy

2011    Space Cooler – Room – Design Week Milan – Nhow Hotel,  Milan




2016 – Amanda Acosta, Carlo Sampietro. Megalopolis. Droste Effect Magazine, 04-3-2016

2016 – M. Osberg, Mini-Golf and Popcorn Puppies: Carlo Sampietro’s Debut solo Show in NYC. Artsy, 03-23-2016

2016 – Amanda Acosta, Battle of the Butts. ArtFuse, 03-21-2016

2016 – Sensi Mila, Urban Tales, Radio Nuova York, 03-11-2016

2015   PopDogs, L’arte, L’educazione e la sua funzione. Reportage dal Queens Museum. Artribune, 07-25-2015

2014   Cloche Sofa, Ramp Magazin  N.28

            – PopDogs, Clio Art Fair NYC, Artribune Online, 03-11-2014

 2013  PopDogs, International Project, Public Art Review N.49

            – Renata Fontanelli, Uniting Artist: Carlo Sampietro shares his vision of the world through his artwork,

               A Magazine  8-1-13

2013   Mariana Peña Cater, Crónicas desde NY: Figment Festival, Proyecto de arte diferenteExcelsior 6-14-13

            – Amanda Mactas, One to watch: Carlo Sampietro PopDogsManhattan with a Twist  6-13-13

            – Justin Gilber, Figment NYC: 5 best Art InstallationsRedesign Revolution 6-11-13

            – C-Stein, Figment NYC on Governors IslandArt Observer 6-10-13

            – Samantha Lim, Sir film-a-lotBrooklyn Paper 5-31-13

            – “Discover New Artists: Featured Artist”, Artlyst 1-19-13

2012    George Bodarky, Judy Clark, Carlo Sampietro: The Ultimate Recyclers, WFUV Radio 3-27-12 broadcast

2011    Guido Castagnoli,  Rossana in Excelsis, Financial Times 10-15-11

            – Simone Preuss, Icons of New York Street Life Transformed into Amazing Furniture, 1800Recycling 7-14-11

            – Giuseppe Piazza, Le strade di New York reciclate a Milano, Sette 5-20-11

            – Amy Ellenbogen, Street salvaging with Gregoire Abrial and Carlo SampietroElle Decoration 5-10-11

            – Philippe Daverio, Trasformo ogni icona della giungla newyorkeseCorriere Della Sera 4-17-11

2010   Mark Mcmenamin, Planet Eco saving the earth one smile at the timeInterior Design 11-15-10

            – Dayna Smith, Designer consumed by what, and why, we acquireThe Washington Post Online 7-11-10

           – Barbara Celis, Conos de obra para sentarse, El Pais 6-11-10

           – NY Newsboxes transformed into aquariums by Carlo Sampietro, Design Boom 5-19-10


2014 – Honourable Mention – Selected by the jury of  Toronto Urban Film Festival, Toronto, artwork title: Bunda Pandeiro

           – First Prize Art Craft and ready made, Selected by the jury of A’ Design Award, artwork title: Cloche Sofa

2013 – Winner Experimental category – Selected by the jury of  Tirana International Short Film Festival, Albania,

artwork title: Bunda Pandeiro

           – Winner Art/Experimental category – Selected by the jury of One Minute Film & Video Festival in Aarau, Switzerland,

artwork title: Bunda Pandeiro

            – “30 best of ’13 Part 1″ – Selected by the jury of  The one Minutes Organization, artwork title: Bunda Pandeiro

           – Spirit Awards Experimental – Selected by the jury of  Brooklyn Film Festival, artwork title: Bunda Pandeiro

           – Minute Trophy – Selected by the jury of  Festival do Minuto Sao Paulo – Brazil, artwork title: Bunda Pandeiro

2012   Premio Afrodite – Selected by the jury of Federcritici Art Association Italy, artwork title: Sexi Sexi

2011   Finalist – The Best of International Furniture Fair (Salone Satellite) Milan, artwork title: Cloche Chair 

           – First Prize Art Craft and ready made –  Selected by the jury of A’ Design Award, artwork title: Cloche Chair

2010  Celeste Prize – Selected by Jury, artwork title: Cloche Chair 


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