Dumbo Art Festival presents Carlo Sampietro Artist’s “Cloche Sofa” (September 26-28, 2014): A New York sewer pipe transformed into an urban sculpture, a fully-functional modular sofa.

The Cloche Sofa is a body of work that transmutes an element of urban life into objects d’art. It represents landscape evolution. By dismantling established structural standards and elements of construction materials, the sculpture repurposes a found material into sophisticated design, reshaping a common object into a meaningful amalgam. This piece harnesses objects that outlived their original use and were discarded, reclaimed and renovated.

The evolution of this landscape design has been achieved by taking in consideration other materials such as wood, and stainless steel, (on display) and could be achieved with other material such as concrete and marble, all cylindrical forms present in existing construction materials or natural environment.

The tube shape is accented by LED side panels and the conic footing. This renders the object’s hybrid functionality almost invisible, unnoticeable at the first glance.

The show will be complete by “Police Table Masterpiece”an elegant reinterpretation of the unique New York City Police barrier.