JUNE 2012 – 3rdWARD NYC

In the Future the artist Will Say: That Object is a Work of Art

A Group Show Curated by Raul Zamudio.

Friday, June 22, 7 pm // 195 Morgan Avenue

The exhibition’s title , In the Future the Artist Will Say: That Object is a Work of Art, is a quote by French surrealist artist Marcel Duchamp. In response to a query about the readymade, Duchamp replied that in the future, the artist will not make anything, but simply point to an object and say, that is a work of art.

This exhibition explores how artist demarcate a thin line between what is art and what is an ordinary object. In another reference to the readymade, Duchamp stated that is Bottle Rack (1914) should be considered an object that had lost his destination. Rather that ending up in oblivion at the museum’s restaurant, his Bottle Rack was inadvertently dropped off in the museum’s exhibition space, thus transforming it into a work of art.

Captured by Raul Zamudio, this exhibition will bring together disparate works in painting, work-on-paper, photography, sculpture, video, performance, and installation.

Featuring work from: Isaac Aden, Claudia Baez, Chris D’acunto, Amanda Devereux, Adolfo Doring, Juan Carlos Granados, Aimee Hertog, Gray Huffman, Marie Christine Katz, Esther Kirshenbaum, Inhye Lee, Maxwell Lee, Ferran Martin, Emma McCagg with John Ollom, Pasha Radetzky, Rikko Sakkinen, Carlo Sampietro, Justin Storms, Ruben Verdu, Juan Zamora.

Raul Zamudio is a New York-based independent curator, art critic, art historian and educator. He received undergraduate and graduate degrees in art history from the City of New York, and also studied at the following institution: Vassar College, Universite Laval, Columbia University, and the Institute of Fine Art, New york University. He is an alumnus of the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program in Critical Studies. His shows include: City Without Walls, @010 Liverpool Biennale, Constellations: 2009 Beijing 798 Biennale; Turn and Widen: 2008 Seul Media Art Biennial; Garden of Delights: 2008 Yeosu International Art Festival; Poles Apart, Poles Together: 2005 Venice Biennale. Apart from cur sating shows for biennials, he has also organized exhibitions in galleries, museum and academic institutions and art fairs.