In America, we think of water as something that we consume, while people who live in third world countries see water as something to keep them alive. “Acqueduct” focuses on our failure to perceive the abundance of natural resources that inevitably exists amongst developed regions and are often taken for granted. The title of this piece has been misspelled deliberately, as part of the conversation it tries to spark: the entrenched culture of excess, consumerism, while presenting an ambivalent relationship with water.

Each one of the parts on the installation stands as a metaphor of how much do we consume, how much do we need, how much do we waste and how little do others have.  At the bottom right of the piece, the chair  -who sits like a throne- constitutes a symbol of the carelessness and the arrogance of some rich countries and their consumption habits while passively witnessing the struggle of millions, showing no remorse in the process of waste.