The street pole project is a symbolic representation of a high-speed, perpetual evolution of a highly populated city, its growth, movement and explosive expansion.

The frantic rhythm of emerging economies dictates the urban landscapes, businesses and landmarks, forcing them to stay up to speed or be replaced.

This trend has been present in a megalopolis like New York City for the past twenty years. Glass skyscrapers replacing historical housing, corporate franchises pushing out the old bodegas, stadiums doubling their seats but not the quality of the view, landscape transformations have affected the quality of life.

A complete change in population demographics of urban regions as well as architectural evolution has left the city stripped of its identity. Or rather, perhaps the new one is taking its time to flourish.

The route of street poles would take the spectator through the journey of unstoppable pressure and speed that we are living in, superficially enjoyable but in depth complex and frustrating.

Poles create a circuit that is shaped as the island of Manhattan or other megalopolis, old and new key points of the city are marked with signs with relating picture documentation. They create a visually enjoyable reversed domino effect, briefly going down and then immediately, at a high speed popping back up to the upright position.

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