Street Scraper – Figment NYC 2015 new

FIGMENT Interactive Minigolf Course 2015: “From Here to There”

Street scraper is been selected and founded to be part of the 8th Annual FIGMENT Artist-Designed Minigolf Course represents the concept of transportation, whether across state lines or between states of mind. With the vast choices for getting yourself—or getting “goods”—from one place to another, from “where you are now” to “where you want to be”, we are creating an artist-designed, free to the public, minigolf course on Governors Island that captures the multitude of transportation options from the past, present and future; it highlights the positive and/or negative social, economic, or environmental impacts of transportation; and it interprets abstract transportation practices such as meditation. We asked designers to interpret this year’s theme with as much diversity of perspective as possible. On Governors Island in the 2015 summer season—FREE for the public to interact with from June through September 25, seven days a week, when the island is open to the public.

Figment NYC 2015  June 6 – sept 25