Queens Museum – When an Object Of Desire Becomes Unwanted


The PopDogs public forum which took place at the Queens Museum July 19,2015, is a conversation on dog overpopulation. The forum organized by Carlo Sampietro, included four expert panelist in the field of animal sheltering and pet care that addressed what the ideal life of a dog should be, why this overpopulation issue exists, the consequences that come with dog abandonment and how we could solve this problem. Watch this video for the live presentation.

USSEA Regional Conference An Inclusive World: Bridging Communities

Queens Museum, New York

July 17 -19 -2015


NEW YORK (July 17th – 19th, 2015) “PopDogs,” a public art installation and public forum by Carlo Sampietro that addresses dog overpopulation. The work will be displayed at the Queens Museum July 17th – 19th as part of the USSEA Regional Conference . The artist confronts this important issue by exposing viewers to the psychological cycle of craving, consumption and abandonment that happens when an object of desire becomes unwanted.

Italian-born artist Sampietro presents PopDogs, a giant popcorn machine that appears to spew out toy dogs at an alarming rate, to mimic the birth rate of real dogs worldwide. As visitors arrive they are confronted with a cascade of toys spilling out of the PopDogs machine and onto the floor. Viewers cannot help but connect this absurd spectacle to the millions of domestic animals that come into the world and are subsequently abandoned, ignored or destroyed—the sheer volume is clearly unsustainable.

The installation also includes a workshop July 17th at 10.30 a.m. and July 19th where kids can paint dog toys and learn about the responsibilities of dog ownership.

On July 19th at 1.30 p.m., experts in the fields of animal sheltering and pet care will participate in a public forum at the Queens Museum.

Panelists include:

Robin Brennen, DVM, founder and CEO, Pets Without Vets

Steve Gruber, director of communications, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals

Stephanie A. Mattera, spokesperson, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals

Sharon Mear, owner, Training Cats and Dogs

This forum is intended to function as a conversation starter—a judgment-free and informative environment in which viable solutions to NYC’s dog overpopulation issues can be discussed

Sampietro’s goal is to exhibit PopDogs in New York, Paris, Shanghai, Sao Paulo and Mexico City, all cities in which dog overpopulation has caused unique sets of challenges and dilemmas.